The Virsa Foundation Inc.

Empowering rural women artisans for a healthier future. 

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Supporting Happy and Healthy Rural Artisans

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What problem do we solve?

The obesity and chronic metabolic conditions pandemic is not just limited to urban parts of the world. The impact is even more serious in rural underserved communities.

We want to solve this problem in the most collective, self reliant, cost-effective manner - by enabling rural women artisans (and their families) to be in charge of their own health and wellbeing.

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What have handicrafts got to do with this?

Most rural women in Punjab were traditionally trained in the art & craft of Phulkari, a type of embroidery that is now in rapid decline due to several geopolitical and socioeconomic reasons in North Western part of the Indian Sub-continent. Phulkari was a ‘collective’ tradition that brought women together - and offered them a platform for creativity, therapy, emotional and physical wellbeing. By reviving this craft, we want to resuscitate this collective platform.

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What impacts Women’s Health in Rural South Asia?

Gender balance in rural areas is often skewed and women shy away from sharing their health and wellness issues they may be experiencing. This leads to unreported, undiagnosed or misdiagnosed chronic conditions - and often when it’s very late.

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What’s on a Rural Artisan’s plate?

In Rural Artisan Communities, earning a meager living often results in limited food options and limited understanding of what is the role of food in our health. There might be myths and misconceptions around what is HEALTHY Food.


Empowering Women to Take Their Health & Wellbeing in their own hands

Food is Medicine - and helping women in Rural Underserved Communities make better food choices for themselves and their families is the key first step towards a healthier, happier planet.

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Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

We are dedicated to make an impact in the lives of Rural Women in Punjab, India and their families - especially, with regard to their physical and emotional wellbeing - through advocating for a “Whole Foods Plant Based” approach to nutrition.

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