Our Vision

Happy, Healthy and Economically Secure Artisans


Our vision is to preserve the heritage of the “Phulkari” Punjabi handicraft and to advance the economic and health empowerment of rural women Phulkari artisans in Punjab, India by: (i) providing the artisans with information on traditional Phulkari stitches, motifs and patterns that are described in old literature and/or in museum collections around the world, but are now disappearing from current Phulkari production; (ii) providing materials for the artisans so that they can re-learn and re-create the old Phulkari patterns; and (iii) developing educational resources for the artisans on health and wellness, including eye health, female reproductive health, nutrition literacy, and plant-based culinary skills to specifically address cardio-metabolic disorders. Our initiatives are not limited to all of the above but the creative collaborative possibilities are endless. With your help, we can make our Artisan Community happier and healthier!


- Nivi Jaswal
President & Co-Founder

The Virsa Foundation Inc

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